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Online Pharmacy FAQ

Q: What is online pharmacy?

A: An online pharmacy is a drug store operating over the Internet, it works like many others online stores: a customer can order products at the pharmacy web-site, and the products are delivered directly to his/her shipping location.

Online pharmcies bring customers the benefits of convenience, privacy, and sometimes cheaper prices. Customers however need to remember that the Internet has also created a marketplace for counterfeit medical products, and illegal prescribing.

For more information, read Online Pharmacy article at Wikipedia.

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Q: What are generic drugs?

A: The term generic refers to the goods produced and distributed without patent protection. The same applies to generic drugs.

Generic drugs contain the same active ingredients and in the same dosage as their brand-name (patented) equivalents, this means that generic and brand-name drugs produce the same medical effect. Inactive ingredients determining shape, taste and color differ between these two types of drugs.

Because of the patent regulations, in most countries generics can be manufactured only after patents on brand-name drugs have expired. Generic drugs produced in the USA are tested by FDA to ensure their safety and effectiveness. These tests are to make sure that generics contain the same amounts of active ingredients, that they are manufactured according to federal standards, and that they are released into the body at the same rate and the same way as the brand-name medicines.

Indian patent law allows however to manufacture generics regardless of the patent's expiration: The Patents Act 1970 removed Product Patent from 3 sectors, namely Pharmaceuticals, Food and Agrochemicals. More information on Indian Patent Law can be found here. Generic drugs produced in India are tested by Indian Drugs Manufacturers' Association.

Due to trademark law, generic drugs can not be produced and distributed under brand names. That's why generics' manufactures use other names for their products, often the names of active ingredients. For example, generic Viagra is often marketed as generic Sildenafil (Viagra's active ingredient). Online pharmacies can still promote generic drugs using brand names at their Internet sites, but the drug packs delivered to customers don't have the brand name printed on it.

For more information, read Generic Drugs article at Wikipedia.

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WEB Pharmacy Review FAQ

Q: How can I buy medicines from you?

A: is not an online pharmacy and hence you can not buy medicines via our site. Nevertheless, you can use our drug price search to find a pharmacy where you can buy the drugs you are looking for.

Q: How to find a pharmacy?

A: At the moment there are 3 ways to find an online pharmacy:

  1. If you know the pharmacy's exact domain name, you can use our pharmacy search form.
  2. If you can't exactly remember the domain name, you can use the same search form to perfrom the search be a part of the domain's name, and you will be provided with the list of the pharmacies.
  3. Otherwise, you can browse our database by the pharmacies' first letter.

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Q: What information do you provide about pharmacies?

A: We provide you the following information about the pharmacies:

  • title and description;
  • status;
  • type of drugs offered (brand-name, generic, both);
  • prescription type (pre-written required, issued online, not required at all);
  • payment methods;
  • shipping options;
  • shipping area;
  • popularity;

If you are not satisfied with the pharmacies returned by your search, check the SUGGESTIONS list to the right of the search results: the suggested pharmacies are thoroughly selected to match your expectations.

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Q: When does a pharmacy have status Unavailable?

A: There ase pharmacies in our database that have status Unavailable. This can happen in 2 cases:

  1. the pharmacy's website can't be reached;
  2. the website is reachable, but it's not an online pharmacy any more;

If the pharmacy is displayed as Unavailable, check the SUGGESTIONS list to the right of the pharmacy information: the suggested pharmacies are thoroughly selected to match your expectations.

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Q: How to use drug prices search?

A: If you are interested in finding the latest drug prices, rather than detailed pharmacy information, make use of our drug price search.

You can perform search by either:

  1. drug name (brand-name or generic);
  2. active ingredient name (in this case, prices on all the drugs containing this active ingredient are returned);

Like for WEB Pharmacy Review, you can also browse our catalog of the drugs and active ingredients by its first letters.

For each of the drug pack found, we provide the following information (all the prices are given in US dollars):

  • whether the pack contains brand-name or generic product;
  • name of the product;
  • pack (number of tabs, pills, etc. and dosage of the main active ingredient);
  • pack price;
  • price per item;
  • delivery price;
  • total cost of the pack (calculated as pack price plus delivery price);
  • link to the online pharmacy offering the pack.

By clicking on the underlined column headers, you can sort the results by:

  • product name;
  • pack size;
  • pack price;
  • price per item;
  • total cost.

See for example prices on Viagra and Sildenafil.

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